Are your demands fulfilled in all aspects for your well-being?

You are entitled to this and you can make your own choice to vouch for it. I will help you to free yourself from panic, fear, guilt and resentment. Leading yourself also means that whatever you don’t want in your life is also changed for your own good. Examples of external negative influences can be constriction, cold-heartedness, suppression, manipulation and constant conflict.

Guiding yourself into free thinking, emotionally healthy feeling and consistent action:

Happy relationships

Relief from bad conscience and feelings of guilt


Fear of problems

Natural balance

Free will


After working with me you will be able to make decisions about everything you want to leave behind regarding your parents and of course everything you want to keep. Knowing why things in your life have gone and will continue to go a certain way, which habits you want to change and that you always have a choice to change something. What matters is a strong will on your part.


We will work to ensure that you stand up for yourself and address issues that you want to see changed. We change your anger at history and at what is going on in order to develop your life in a self-determined way.


This enables you to pursue your goals clearly, to remove obstacles and to achieve goals with a positive emotional charge. Remove changefulness, excessive sentimentality and fear of failure from your life.

My goals

Defining measurable goals

It is important to have a sound judgement about your results. Which goals and in which areas would you like to define and achieve?

  • Improving joy of life and charisma?
  • Developing new sources of power?
  • Being free from burdens, fears and constraints?
  • Expand spiritual power and genius?
  • Develop consistency and strength to act?
  • Having confidence and taking power over the creation of your reality?
  • Development of personality and potential?
  • Awareness and personal responsibility?
  • Constructiveness and creativity?