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Initial situation: You want to quit an addiction, such as smoking, and are willing to take responsibility for your actions.
Result: More health, more money, more freedom and quality of life.
Method: We work on the resolving the causes and further developing your personality, so that desire quickly diminishes and interest in developing your own quality of life increases. I have successfully applied this procedure to myself as well as many of my clients.

Initial situation: You are exhausted, tired, demotivated, depressed, exhausted and no longer feel your strength.
Result: Together we have removed obstacles and brought you back to your strength and personal responsibility.
Method: We work on dissolving the causes and developing the personality so you become aware of where you are investing your strength and energy in a direction that is no longer right for you. A new interest in the further development of your personal path of life is created.
I have successfully applied this procedure to myself as well as many of my clients.

Initial situation: You are an entrepreneur or want to start your own business.
Result: You will receive strategic and precise solution approaches from me. Also, if you are looking for an investor and partner, you have come to the right place.

I proceed classically with a sound analysis of the current situation and a definition of the target situation. As a well experienced consultant, strategist, coach, interim manager, repeated entrepreneur and problem solver, knowledge carrier and philanthropist, I bring a very large tool box to close the gap between your current situation and the target situation.

Initial situation: You find yourself in a serious and deeply disturbing situation.
Result: Clarity about your situation and mental strengthening.
Requirement: Openness to new perspectives.

Initial situation: You have not changed your situation for a long time and now you can no longer bear it.
Result: uncovering self-deception, creative solutions and concentration on the essential.
Requirement: Courage and willingness to consistently implement the discussed solution.

Initial situation: You feel under pressure, desperate and forced. You want to take responsibility for your life.
Result: Although you do not know exactly how things will develop, you will free yourself from what is burdening you.
Requirement: You should not be embarrassed to stand up for yourself and you should not be afraid of the consequences. You should be aware that you need to act.

Initial situation: You are in a steady situation and want to take the next step.
Result: Hatred and envy of others, arrogance and blame disappear from your life. You concentrate on your strengths and build on them. You will be provided with documentation and a summary.
Requirement: You have autodidactic abilities, have already freed yourself from sick thinking and can work on yourself in a structured way.

Initial situation: You are already practising personal responsibility and want to change. You only lack the possibilities and perspectives.
Result: You recognise external control and detach yourself from it without holding grudges. You set yourself free. You will be provided with documentation and a summary.
Requirement: Freed from fears and fully prepared to act.

Initial situation: You are able to solve problems independently, process new information optimally and act consistently. You have already identified yourself.
Result: You learn to read your life compass, see beyond shortcomings and build loving relationships. You will be provided with documentation and a summary.
Requirement: You have given up the fear of expressing your opinion, you stand up for your lifestyle and have given up your reservations.

Price: CHF 180 per hour
Process: In my practice, over the phone or via video call.

Further Services

When working with me, these qualities will be added on top!

Quality Management

Through my activities in quality management in the automotive industry, especially in the area of safety-relevant components, I bring an enormous experience in terms of goal orientation, persistence, reliability, and thoroughness. I know where free capacities are, how excuses are made and how to motivate people. I know what it takes to change a situation.

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Strategy & Change Management

This is the area where I have been able to learn the most about people. In this area I have already experienced a lot. Below are a few examples:
Hesitation in decision-making
Courageous women who are successful in their jobs as well as as a mother, but still felt that they were not good enough
crazy and abnormal reactions
absent-mindedness, fickleness, forgetfulness
Lack of imagination
People who were unconscious about their behaviour and thus poisoned the culture
However, in the end everything always turned out well and everyone was happy about the change process.