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This is for all people who no longer want to hide, who no longer want to feel emotionally drained, who want to take off their masks, who want to impose false inhibitions on themselves, who feel guilty and generally want to live a fulfilled life. With the help of personal responsibility and self-determination.

Further Services

When working with me, these qualities will be added on top!

Quality Management

Through my activities in quality management in the automotive industry, especially in the area of safety-relevant components, I bring an enormous experience in terms of goal orientation, persistence, reliability, and thoroughness. I know where free capacities are, how excuses are made and how to motivate people. I know what it takes to change a situation.

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Strategy & Change Management

This is the area where I have been able to learn the most about people. In this area I have already experienced a lot. Below are a few examples:
Hesitation in decision-making
Courageous women who are successful in their jobs as well as as a mother, but still felt that they were not good enough
crazy and abnormal reactions
absent-mindedness, fickleness, forgetfulness
Lack of imagination
People who were unconscious about their behaviour and thus poisoned the culture
However, in the end everything always turned out well and everyone was happy about the change process.