About me

Empathic, insightful & ground-breaking

Owner & Managing Director

Stefan Lobmeyer

I have solved many of my problems myself and took my life into my own hands many years ago. Countless employee meetings, coaching sessions and self-reflection have given me a deep understanding of how human life works and its meaning. I worked my way steadfastly through my fears, anxiety and disorders to finally live the life I had wanted to live since childhood.
I have accepted my challenge, determined my own values in life and brought myself to this place to help you if you too want to take the path to freedom.

Features & Skills

Mental strength of mind
Analytical precision
Communication skills
Conduct of negotiations


Hard work is a virtue
Cause and effect
Goals must be clearly defined
The basis of happiness is good relationships
Consistency produces results
Reinventing yourself and tapping new sources of power
Deep special knowledge of reality
Time is our most valuable asset
Methodological knowledge in many areas
Personal development
Business management knowledge

My Success factors

That is how I can ensure your success in the long term:

For as long as I can remember, I have been exploring life, learning from my own mistakes, getting back up, changing myself and my environment. Life has taught me that nobody is perfect. What I can offer you is politeness, honesty, creativity, persistence, joy of life and a wide range of life experiences and methods. Be assured that working with me will give you power over your life, fulfilment and security. I’m placing you at your centre!

Performing environment analysis

In this step I will help you to become aware of where you bring yourself into imbalance and torture yourself. Why others criticise you and why you wonder why others always have success and happiness. Why and for what purpose these roles are in your life and what they mean.

Accepting personal responsibility

Dissolving dependencies is not easy. Do you think you are dependent on your job, relationships or parents? Dependence is the breeding ground for anxious thinking and feeling and leads to a stagnation which can manifest itself in blockades of action. Not being able to do something yourself, not being able to accomplish something without someone, or not being worth anything without someone are examples of this.

Releasing internal blockages

An internal blockage can be recognised, for example, by feelings of rejection, by quickly putting oneself in a defensive position or by being unyielding. It is unclear how one can change something. When we release your inner blockages, you become aware of the issue and can release these blockages yourself, if you wish.

Living self-acceptance

Practicing taking responsibility will lead you exactly where you are right now, and you will see what the next logical step is to improve your quality of life.
You will leave jealousy, envy, greed, exaggerated goodness, self-rejection, self-suppression, self-abandonment, dissatisfaction with your appearance and profession, lack of awareness behind. You decide to go through life as part of the bigger picture.

This is what I stand for

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Carpe diem!

You seize every day to

  • accept yourself as you are without exception
  • let go of your exaggerated self-control
  • develop confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • live humour
  • admit appreciation for oneself
  • believe that you are not good enough to discard
  • stop hurting oneself
  • stop trying to please others

Improving continuously in small steps!

  • you realise that the intention works
  • you realise that abilities want to be lived out
  • you realise what your mind is capable of
  • you realise how to use emotions
  • you realise how you can improve your external presentation
  • you realise how you make decisions
  • you realise what motivates you and what does not
  • you realise what information is
  • you realise the difference between who you think you are and who you really are

Open yourself up for life!

  • I think, feel and act on behalf of myself
  • I have a happy and fulfilling family
  • I am an inspiration to others
  • I create my own reality
  • I am ready to reconcile with parents and children
  • I take my space and I take my place
  • I can thank all those who deserve my gratitude

Whenever you think you can’t do it anymore or someone tells you you can’t do it, you should think or say: “Now, more than ever!” “Behind every hurdle you overcome lies a gift”
Stefan Lobmeyer